Why was the LHC worth $6billion?

I’m continuing my research on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) for my senior exit project. My next issue to address is why was the LHC worth the $6 billion dollars spent in production costs alone? To date, the LHC is the most expensive scientific experiment ever created. Hopefully now it is clear WHY in a scientific view the LHC was built, essentially to understand the origins of our universe. But on the other hand, is the cost worth the supposed worries of black holes and can we handle the cost when we’re going through a recession currently?

Rolf-Deiter Heuer, Director-General of the European Nuclear Research on the Swiss-French border, believes so saying, “Our Large Hadron Collider could be the first machine to give us insight into the dark universe. We are opening the door to New Physics, to a discovery period,” (Comcast News). Astronomers and physicists suggest that a mere 5 percent of the Universe is known, and that 70 percent is made up of dark energy and the remaining 25 percent is dark energy. Heuer’s goal is to understand 30 percent of our universe by discovering dark matter.

So… what is dark matter? Not only is it a 2007 movie directed by Shi-Zheng Chen, but it supposedly makes up a fourth of our universe. It is a form of matter that is undetectable due to it’s electromagnetic radiation, but it’s gravitational effects on visible matter has alerted it’s possible existence to scientists.

[Source: Wikipedia]

More to come asap.



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2 responses to “Why was the LHC worth $6billion?

  1. What is Comcast.net doing in your parenthetical?

  2. How much did the Manhattan Project cost? And despite the weaponization of the atom, did nothing else good come of it?

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